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Since 1989 we have been offering dealers in the forklift, agriculture, heavy construction, or any other material handling industry a simple solution to their inventory management and invoicing needs. Softbase provides dealers real-time control over each aspect of their business.

Softbase was designed by people with decades of experience in the material handling industry. Early on, there was a clear need for a solution that gave dealers complete control. We designed the software with simplicity in mind. Operating a dealership is already challenging enough. Softbase was developed to be THE solution. The product we’ve developed is easy to use, integrate, and play a significant role in your dealership's success.

The Softbase team prides itself on becoming an extension of your team. Each client will receive a personalized approach and be trained on how to use the system for their need.  We want every client to know that our relationship does not end once training is complete. Softbase will be there to support you when you need it.

For over thirty years, we have become a staple in the material handling industry. Our company has grown largely in part through referrals from our dedicated clients. Time and time again, we have demonstrated our value and have grown because of it.

Our focus remains to serve our clients with excellence. Softbase continues to grow with the rise in technology and with ever-changing customer demands. We have implemented Softbase Mobile for easy on-the-go real-time updating and promoted digital invoicing.

As we turn to the future, we value each and every one of our clients. We would not be where we are today without them. We have become who we are based on years of valuable feedback. We thank you for growing with us.

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