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Industries Served

For decades, Softbase has been providing simple solutions to those in a variety of industries. Our software works to uplift and grow the material handling industry by providing a simple, easy to use software that streamlines all processes. Inventory, work orders, invoicing, and so much more has never been easier and all in one place.

Softbase was specifically designed to support industrial equipment dealerships in agriculture, heavy construction, and lift truck industries. With years of experience working in and with these groups, we saw a need for an easy to use, one-stop-shop software. Our rich history will assure you that this program was created by fellow workers who understand your needs.

Industrial trucks support every supply chain in the world. We proudly support the industry that literally and figuratively lifts the world! Softbase is the premier dealer management software available for your industry. It was built to accommodate the industrial equipment and lift truck industries with all their unique opportunities!

Industrial Trucks

Industrial trucks can include various truck-type and hand-type pallet movers, skid jacks, and portable stackers. Forklifts can load material and transport it over short distances and are used heavily in the construction, manufacturing, and freight logistics sectors. This industry's operation also includes the manufacture and sale of parts and attachments for forklifts.

No matter what your industry is, Softbase is designed to support:

  • Small to midsize material handling vehicles used to lift and carry heavy loads
  • Forklifts – used by construction, manufacturing, and freight handling industries expected to grow modestly
  • Electronic pallet jacks
  • Aerial lifts
  • Hand pallet jacks
  • Aerial work platforms
  • Warehouse equipment
  • New Equipment
  • Used Equipment
  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Customer Service
  • Complete Customer History

Click to learn more about our work with the forklift industry, agriculture, and heavy construction!