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Agricultural Market

America is home to over 2.1 million farms and over 914 million acres of farmland. These farmers are responsible for feeding the world and do so with excellence. The U.S. exports more commodities than what is imported, creating a positive agricultural trade balance. On average, one farm can feed 165 people around the world. Despite being one of the oldest working industries, agriculture is still growing. Over 20% of farmers have been in the industry for less than ten years, making them considered beginning farmers. Regardless of how long one has been in the industry, farmers do not take their responsibilities lightly as they focus on keeping the world fed.

As the agriculture industry continues to grow, their farm equipment must be in pristine working condition. Tractors, ag sprayers, and other farm tools and farm machinery directly enable farmers to harvest their crops successfully. This equipment needs to be adequately maintained and updated to keep the farmers in their fields and keep them providing for our world.

Tractor dealers and dealership owners already know how important farm equipment is to this industry. The dealers support the farmer, and Softbase is here to help you make that support easier. We are proud to work with the dedicated dealers that help keep food on our tables.

Our software is designed to provide you with all your work orders, parts inventory, invoicing, and so much more in one, simple to use platform. Softbase is mobile-friendly, so regardless if you are in the shop, in the field, or anywhere in between, our system moves with you. Our platform empowers you to control your operations in an easy platform that streamlines all aspects of your business.

Allow our team to become an extension of your organization.

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