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Forklift Industry

The forklift or material handling industry is one of the most rapidly growing communities throughout the world. Material Handling products such as forklifts, lift trucks, pallet jacks, and cherry pickers are the very backbone of virtually every industry's supply chain. Without these crucial vehicles, production would not be efficient, or in most circumstances, possible.

Simply by doing their job, an employee in the industrial truck sector supports 2.5 employees in other industries, which means that one person enables more than two other people to make a living. Over 4.5 million Americans are employed in this field. The material handling industry is critical to our economy. In fact, according to INDTRK.ORG, industrial truck manufacturers are responsible for pouring $25.7 billion into the economy every year.

With how important this industry is, dealers worldwide need a dealer management system that provides them with real-time control, mobile management and maintenance, and customer service and sales support. Softbase empowers dealers in the material handling industry to control their business operations by providing a software that offers these services and more! There’s no longer a reason for you to have multiple different software. Softbase combines all your needs into one! From tracking equipment to sending out invoices, submitted work orders, and everything in between, Softbase has you covered.

The team at Softbase knows how important the material handling industry is to the economy. We pride ourselves on our ability to make your job a little less stressful so that you can focus on the essential work you do. Allow Softbase the opportunity to uplift your business and provide you with the material handling software that fits your needs. Our team will work with you to ensure the program is exactly what you need it to be. Our onboarding process is simple, quick, and we become an extension of your team.

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