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We believe that it takes more than just hardware and software to increase productivity and profit. It takes learning your business, properly developing the right tools, and effectively training those who use those tools. Softbase 3.0 is one of the important tools to help you achieve your goals.

Customers often find changing software is difficult. Not with Softbase! Our programs were built so that data could be easily imported to Softbase. Our team completes this crucial step as a part of our services. Many software changes can require months of training and cause downtime in operations. With Softbase, our simple solution enables you to keep working throughout the process!

Your business should not change to accommodate the way your software works. Rather, the software you use should be another tool to equip your staff to improve your bottom line effectively. Softbase is committed to accommodating the Industrial Equipment and Lift Truck industries with all their unique opportunities!

Every aspect of the system is fully aware of every other part—no modules, no batch updates, only real-time information everywhere, all the time. There is nothing like having an Equipment inquiry fully aware of every General Ledger entry regardless of its origin without waiting on any updates.

Follow any unit from the cradle to the grave—completely integrated fleet management, accessible from the Internet by your customers or salespeople. Profile any customer from their inception—no need to delete any history. Current technologies allow for speed at any size of system: from 1 Megabyte to 20 Terabytes! No longer do you have to sacrifice speed and storage to retain valuable history.

We are constantly advancing the capabilities of this product. We have been and will always be on the front edge of the Industrial Equipment Industries and the technology that emerge. To achieve the highest level of reliability and simplicity, only the best industry standards are used. Since the time it’s been possible to do so, we have been developing the best possible Windows and Mac software for the Industrial Equipment and Lift Truck Dealerships.

Even our mobile mechanic tools are built to utilize technology that supports iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile (Surface). No need for paper in the field and the customer can receive their signed work order via email the moment the mechanic is done with their work. All parts used, comments made, and time spent are all logged in the field electronically. Even in-depth equipment histories are available to the mechanic, along with any images and documents associated with the equipment, customer, or current work order at any time.

Our goal is to keep the process as simple as possible. Your time is valuable, and we want to always make sure to respect that. From the time you request a demo to the time the program is implemented and beyond, Softbase becomes an extension of your team. Our training is designed to empower you to use the program for what YOU need it for.

We only need 2-3 weeks to implement the software. Schedule a demo or contact us today for more information.