Dealer Management System Software

Equip your entire team in the office and the field with a fully integrated Dealership Management System (DMS) that drives efficiency and maximizes profits.


No matter the challenge. We got you all covered.


Softbase offers a single digital system to control operations and make data-driven decisions for dealers and renters of material handling equipment.


Explore features that make reservation processes, fleet management, and rental tracking effortless in Softbase’s Rental Management Software.


Heavy equipment and machinery dealers can effectively monitor equipment, inventory, and invoicing for their customers using this dealership management system.


Ideal for Trailer Dealership management as it’s designed to be more comprehensive than the average automotive DMS.

agriculture food production concept with tractor machine silos irrigation system

Softbase empowers agriculture equipment dealers to streamline operations, supporting the millions of farms relying on their equipment.


Enhance your dealership’s operations with our system designed for CEOs and CFOs. It facilitates faster processes, improved financial management, and greater success.


Managing your workforce as a field manager has never been simpler. Oversee service operations with intelligent time tracking, employee scheduling, and work monitoring.


Customer service representatives can integrate sales, marketing, and service processes into a single system, enhancing dealership growth and productivity.

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Softbase Evolution consolidates customer data and streamlines sales processes to maximize sales performance for Sales Managers and Executives.


Parts managers can streamline ordering processes and maintain optimal inventory levels ensuring that the right parts are always available to meet customer demands.


Rental managers can automate billing and quotation processes, easing the workload for their team and enhancing the rental experience for customers.

Accounting personnel

Accountants and Financial Officers can minimize time spent on manual calculations and concentrate more on analyzing financial data for top-level management.

Operations manager at a dealership

Softbase Evolution offers a comprehensive system for operations managers to track all business operations in one place, whether in the office or the field.

Accounting personnel

Streamline accounting processes with our accounting management software making financial tasks easier and more accurate.

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Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution helps manage interactions with customers to improve customer service, sales and loyalty.

Financial analysis

Get insights into sales performance, inventory, and financial metrics with a comprehensive reporting and analytics feature for dealerships.

Warehouse pallet

Oversee equipment maintenance, usage, and inventory in one place with a robust rental equipment management software for dealerships.

Tools used by field technician at a dealership

Control and track equipment parts including ordering, receiving and issuing with our Parts Inventory Management Software.

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Conveniently access to various services and customer information on the go with our mobile field service management software for dealerships.

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Help your sales teams effectively manage and optimize their sales activities with our Sales Management Software for dealerships.

Warehouse personnel

Oversee the rental process from booking to payment with our comprehensive Equipment Re