Equipment Rental Management Software for Dealerships

Equipment Rental Management Software that streamlines operations, manages inventory, and enhances efficiency seamlessly to drive success in equipment rental businesses.

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Equipment Rental Management Software. Evolved.

Any dealership looking to streamline their equipment management processes can turn to Softbase Evolution.

Our software provides tools for tracking equipment usage, maintenance schedules, and repair histories - all to ensure that your clients’ and your equipment is being used properly and effectively, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Extend your equipments’ life cycle with proper monitoring
and maintenance.

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Customer Fleet Management

Coordinate efforts to keep your customers’ vehicles well-maintained and safe for the road.

Preventive Maintenance System

Add, update, replicate, and manage the regular and routine maintenance of equipment.

Transportation Module

Add, update and delete tracking numbers, organize units for shipping, as well as add, update and delete units.

New & Used Equipment Sales

Sell and track cost of sales for your equipment sales.
Track equipment history by Serial Number for a full lifecycle picture

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