Mobile Field Service Management Software for Dealerships

Our Mobile Field Service Management Software is tailored to help field technicians managing operations on the go. It simplifies service operations, enhances task management, and ensures effective service delivery.

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Mobile Management. Evolved.

Softbase Service App is a mobile-based software that streamlines dealership field operations through scheduling, dispatching, tracking, and monitoring work orders, service requests, inventory management, and labor tracking.

The software helps dealerships maximize their productivity, reduce downtime, and increase customer satisfaction, making it an essential tool for efficient and effective dealership management.

Our mobile app gives technicians everything they need to work efficiently, such as logging time, tracking notes, applying parts, and managing equipment inventory all in the palm of their hand.

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Labour and Travel Time Tracking

Keep track of your work hours easily! Clock On/Off enables technicians to log work hours for each job, providing insights into time spent. And if their travel time is separate from their work time (maybe at a different pay rate), they can use the Travel button. It's all about making things simple for your team!

Electronic Customer Signature

Effortlessly obtain the customer's signature on any mobile device to validate the successful completion of a work order whether it's for a single task or multiple related work orders. Electronic signatures speed up invoicing and payment while reducing paper use.

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Parts Tracking

This feature offers a user-friendly solution for quickly locating and adding parts to a work order. With our convenient inventory search feature, you can simply identify and include the required parts, even assigning parts to specific sections on the work order.

Inspection Reports

Generating and sending comprehensive inspection reports can be done via email, all directly within the app hassle-free. What's more, you can even easily snap a photo or upload an existing one to associate with the work order. Plus, you have the convenience of viewing images linked to the work order, serial number, or equipment record.

Benefits of Our
Mobile Field Service Management Software

Boosts productivity
in the field

By automating tasks like scheduling, dispatching, and routing, you reduce the time and effort required for field teams to manage their work. Complete more jobs in less time. 

Optimized scheduling and dispatching 

Assign jobs to field teams based on their location, skill set, availability, and workload. ensuring that the right person is sent to the right job at the right time. 



Access to job details, customer information, and inventory data on mobile devices enables field technicians and office staff to communicate and quickly resolve issues.

Accurate inventory management and asset tracking

Field teams can use their tablets or phones to access the right parts, tools, and equipment when they need them and prevent overstocking or understocking of inventory.


Scale Operations With Total Control

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Our team understands that operating a dealership is already challenging enough. So Softbase Evolution was developed to be THE solution that is easy to use, connects all processes, and plays a significant role in your dealership’s success.

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Customer Relationship








Our Leadership

Softbase was able to organize what we do for our customers. We track a lot of forklift assets and since Softbase our efficiency started to improve and we could provide better answers and support.”

Russ Wilkins

President | Frontier Forklifts & Services

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