Reporting and Analytics System For Dealerships

Maximize your dealership's potential with our sophisticated Reporting and Analytics System. Our system provides real-time data for informed decision-making, empowering you to enhance efficiency and boost profitability.

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Reporting and Analytics. Evolved.

Your dealership will depend on historical trends in order to see phenomenal growth in the future. Softbase Evolution’s reporting and analytics capabilities help your team to make informed decisions on how to accelerate growth in the business.

Our software provides real-time insights into your dealership’s performance metrics, enabling you to track key performance indicators and identify areas for improvement.


Data integration

Cumulate data from multiple sources and departments in your dealership to comprehensively view your customers’ requests and your overall business operations.

Trend predictions

Identify future trends for renting or selling specific parts and equipment based on historical data within the dealership.

Tailored reporting options

Generate reports that vary based on which metrics your dealership values most, how the data is displayed and the specific time period you would like to report on.


Scale Operations With Total Control

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Our team understands that operating a dealership is already challenging enough. So Softbase Evolution was developed to be THE solution that is easy to use, connects all processes, and plays a significant role in your dealership’s success.

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