Frontier Forklifts

Explore the impactful collaboration between Softbase Systems and Frontier Forklifts. Uncover challenges, customized solutions, and tangible results in forklift dealership management excellence.

General Information

Frontier Forklifts

Distribution and Warehousing

Pearland, Texas


Frontier Forklifts is a family-owned and operated forklift dealership that provides material handling equipment and services to businesses in the Greater Houston area. The company was founded in 1988 and is located in Pearland, Texas.

They specialize in selling new and used forklifts from a range of leading brands, including Toyota, Nissan, and Hyster. They also offer forklift rental and leasing options for short-term and long-term needs. Their rental fleet includes a variety of forklift models, ranging from electric to propane and diesel-powered forklifts. The company also provides comprehensive forklift repair and maintenance services, with a team of experienced and certified technicians who are equipped to diagnose and fix a range of forklift issues. Additionally, Frontier Forklifts offers parts and accessories for all major forklift brands.

In addition to their forklift services, Frontier Forklifts also offers warehouse solutions, such as pallet racking, mezzanines, and conveyors, to help businesses optimize their warehouse space and increase productivity.


Frontier sought a new dealership management system as they realized their current platform needed the capacity and the historical data to manage and track their multiple customer assets.


After switching to Softbase’s dealership management system, Frontier Forklift experienced improved efficiency. Not just that, they had access to digestible data that made it easier to provide support to customers and their road technicians.

“The one thing that Softbase was able to do for us is to really organize what we do with our customers. With any forklift dealership, car dealership, or anything you have.

We’re tracking a lot of assets for our customers and most of the stuff that we’re touching is other people’s forklifts or equipment. The platform we were on before couldn’t do that. You had no way of bringing up history or getting any kind of information. Then comes along Softbase and our efficiency started to improve all of a sudden.

We could give better answers to the customers, better answers to the technicians that provide part support in the field, and things like that. And the reason is we had more information readily available at our fingertips.”


Toyota Lift Houston facility

Toyota Lift of Houston: “It was so refreshing to use a system that is intuitive and user friendly.”