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Empowering teams to improve your dealership sales boosts financial health, enhances sales performance, and ensures sustained growth and loyalty.

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Capture More Leads

To increase your chances of closing more dealership sales, increasing the number of prospects interested in purchasing or renting the parts, equipment, or machinery your dealership carries is important. Implement targeted lead generation strategies tailored to leverage marketing campaigns, lead magnets, and lead capture mechanisms on your website. Softbase’s CRM feature can be used to collect and manage these leads, allowing you to compile information on them to further nurture them or attract other leads that portray similar characteristics and buying behaviour in the industry.

Nurture New and Existing Leads

As we mentioned, nurturing leads down your dealership’s sales funnel becomes crucial once you have captured leads. Regular follow-ups and personalized communications are key to building trust and engaging potential customers. Softbase’s CRM feature gives the tools to track and manage customer interactions, maintaining ongoing relationships to retain customers. To increase the likelihood of closing more sales, your leads must know, like and trust you. Use your data on new and existing leads to share valuable tips and offers to keep your dealership top-of-mind when they are ready to convert.

Use A Personalized Approach

In the equipment and machinery industry, each customer has unique needs and pain points. Tailoring your sales strategy to address these specific requirements will show that your dealership is well equipped to handle their personal needs and can offer specific products and even advice that will help them meet their goals. By using features like Softbase’s rental management to identify trends or rental history, you can maintain detailed customer profiles so that your sales team is armed with the information they need to provide a personalised solution to prospects. This will build their trust and increase the likelihood of closing sales.
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Provide A Unique Purchasing Experience

Within such a competitive industry, it is important to differentiate your dealership from the competition. Offer your customers a unique and memorable purchasing experience that encourages them to complete a purchase and be loyal and returning customers. Softbase’s full-featured point of sale ensures a seamless and efficient transaction process, enhancing the overall purchasing experience for your customers.
Other features, such as parts inventory management, enable you to effectively track and manage your inventory, ensuring customers can access the necessary equipment and machinery when they need it. Other unique offers such as payment plans or value-added services like inspections and repairs will make prospects more likely to complete the purchase, further enhancing the overall experience and driving customer loyalty.

Upsell, But Don’t Oversell

Look for opportunities to upsell complementary products or services that align with your customers’ needs and pain points. Softbase’s parts inventory and rental management feature lets you keep track of your sales or rental, helping you identify relevant upselling opportunities. For example, if a customer made a purchase, you could upsell additional parts they will need at a discounted price. The aim is to maximize sales without being overbearing, so never oversell. By focusing on providing value and meeting your customers’ specific requirements, you can effectively upsell without being pushy or aggressive.

Wrap Up

The success of your equipment dealership relies on effective sales strategies and utilizing the right tools to drive results. Increasing sales by implementing the tips outlined above and combining them with comprehensive features offered by Softbase can significantly improve your dealership’s sales performance. Learn more about how our features, like customer relationship management, POS, and rental management, can help your business grow by requesting a demo with us.

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