A major part of operating a successful equipment or machinery dealership is providing excellent service both in-house and in the field. Equipment is prone to repairs and maintenance, so your technicians will play a significant role in providing exceptional service to your customers and will likely be the standard they use to judge your business. 

Efficient in-house and field service from your technicians can make or break your dealership. Here are three tips you can employ for improving service technician efficiency in machinery dealerships.

Prioritize Training

To ensure your technicians are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge they need to service your customers, it is crucial to prioritize training programs in your dealership’s budget. Encourage ongoing professional development and stay updated with the latest advancements in your industry to maintain a highly skilled and knowledgeable team. Technical proficiency is essential, but don’t overlook the importance of developing interpersonal skills to serve customers better. Investing in comprehensive training will empower your technicians to handle complex repairs and provide exceptional customer service confidently.

Streamline Service Scheduling and Dispatching

Implementing a robust scheduling and dispatching system can significantly enhance your dealership, as efficiently processing customer requests for repairs and maintenance is necessary in providing excellent customer service. Utilize tools such as Softbase’s Dealer Management System (DMS); it offers features such as field management to allow your service technicians to stay on top of assignments and track service requests. By streamlining the scheduling and dispatching processes, you minimize delays, reduce downtime, and ensure that your technicians can efficiently address customer needs, increasing customer satisfaction.

Provide Performance Reviews

Empowering your service technicians and promoting continuous improvement requires monitoring, reporting, and discussing their performance. Outline metrics for KPIs such as customer satisfaction, punctuality, job completion time, etc. Discuss the performance with your technicians and use the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback with actionable tips for improvement. Additionally, prioritize time (monthly, quarterly, or annually) to recognize and reward their accomplishments to foster a positive work environment and increase motivation. 


Efficient service technicians lead to satisfied customers, and satisfied customers lead to a profitable dealership. By prioritizing training, streamlining service scheduling and dispatching, and providing performance reviews, you can enhance your service technicians’ skills, productivity, and overall performance. Invest in your technicians, and they will become valuable assets who drive your dealership’s success.