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Explore how our system can be adapted into Aggregate Equipment Dealer Management Software, catering to the unique needs of aggregate equipment dealers.

DMS for Aggregate Equipment Dealerships


When you think of ‘dealer management software’ or ‘DMS’ what generally comes to mind? For most, it’s software that manages car dealerships, truck dealerships, and perhaps even trailers. But what about aggregate equipment?

The US construction aggregates industry is a $36 billion industry based on the 2023 revenues measured at the quarry sites. It expects to continue growing at a steady rate which means, the demand for aggregate equipment grows too. This growth places increased (but positive) pressure on aggregate equipment dealerships to effectively manage sales, rentals, and maintenance operations. 

To manage that kind of growth, aggregate equipment dealerships need a system much more robust than a car DMS. That’s where customizable software like Softbase comes into play. This blog explains how aggregate equipment dealers can adapt our DMS into Aggregate Equipment Dealer Management Software-tailored solutions to address their unique requirements. 

Why is Aggregate Equipment Dealer Management Software Needed?

 The needs of an aggregate equipment dealership are pretty similar to other equipment dealerships but way more complex than those of a car dealership. What are those needs? Let’s explore.

Flexibility in Rental Terms

Due to the nature of construction and mining projects, aggregate equipment dealers need to be flexible with their rental agreements. Some projects are short term lasting only a couple of days while others could last several months. A dealer then offers several rental arrangements based on customer needs and therefore will need a system to help manage it. 

Comprehensive Maintenance Support

Maintenance is also crucial to ensure that the equipment maximizes uptime and keeps clients happy. Dealerships must provide comprehensive maintenance support throughout the rental period, including regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and prompt repairs as needed.

Parts Availability and Inventory Management

It’s fundamental to incorporate an effective Inventory management system. Dealerships must leverage a DMS to hold comprehensive records of parts inventories that can track parts usage and replenish stock as needed.

Mobile Service Capabilities

Since aggregate equipment is often deployed in remote or challenging environments, (that’s why they need the equipment, duh) on-site servicing and repairs are sometimes necessary. Dealerships can enhance service efficiency and customer satisfaction by offering mobile service capabilities, enabling technicians to perform repairs and maintenance directly at customer job sites.

Is there a DMS that can help with these challenges? Let’s take a look at  Softbase Evolution. 

Service and Maintenance Tracking Features

As mentioned earlier, maintaining and servicing equipment is a big part of what aggregate dealerships do, especially since they often have to go to where the equipment is being used. It’s crucial to schedule everything efficiently and make sure the right technician is available for each job at the right time. 

 Imagine promising a customer maintenance, only to realize all your technicians are already busy with other tasks? Softbase’s DMS helps with this by keeping track of aggregate equipment’s service and maintenance needs, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

For preventive maintenance scheduling, Softbase’s DMS enables service technicians to add, update, replicate, and manage regular and routine equipment maintenance tasks. This ensures that maintenance activities are consistently carried out on schedule, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment performance.

 In addition, the DMS empowers technicians with mobile service capabilities. While on-site, technicians can log fixes directly into the system using mobile devices. This includes documenting any parts replacements and capturing customer signatures once the job is completed.

 With these maintenance tracking features and more, you can expect the benefits of reduced downtime, increased equipment reliability, and improved customer satisfaction through proactive maintenance management. 

Inventory Management Solutions

Aggregate equipment dealerships deal with a diverse range of large equipment, including crushers, screens, conveyors, and washers, each with its line of products. 

Additionally, there’s a multitude of specific parts required for the maintenance of each piece of equipment. Managing such an extensive inventory can be complex, which is where aggregate equipment dealer management software becomes invaluable.

Softbase’s DMS offers a comprehensive Parts Management module, allowing aggregate equipment dealers to centralize their equipment and parts inventory management. By consolidating everything in one place, dealers can fulfill customer orders more efficiently, leading to smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction.

Aggregate equipment dealers have the flexibility to tailor the Inventory Control feature to their specific needs. They can efficiently input parts purchase orders using barcode-receiving scanners and conduct regular inventory cycle counting to ensure that stock levels align accurately with their records.

Now, imagine having warehouses or service centers spread across the United States, all fully stocked with equipment and parts. Softbase’s Customizable Warehousing feature allows aggregate equipment dealers to establish unlimited warehouses, offering the freedom to organize parts inventory according to their preferences. This customizable approach enhances efficiency and organization, empowering dealers to manage their inventory effectively across various locations.

Additionally, aggregate equipment dealers can effectively monitor the demand for various parts. The system tracks usage data and customer requests to identify which parts are in high demand and may require restocking. Simultaneously, it also flags parts with consistently low demand, allowing dealers to consider discontinuation to optimize inventory management.

Sales and Rental Management Capabilities

Aggregate equipment dealers face the daily challenge of managing numerous leads, sales inquiries, and rental requests. It’s crucial to efficiently follow up with leads, close sales, and ensure customers adhere to rental contracts. Softbase’s CRM solution provides a comprehensive solution for managing these tasks.

With Softbase CRM, dealers can organize and manage customer and prospect information effectively, including contact details and purchase/rental history. The system utilizes this data to identify potential sales opportunities, streamlining the sales process for the team.

In terms of rental management, Softbase CRM offers functionalities to monitor contracts, ensuring equipment usage complies with the terms of the agreement. Moreover, dealers can generate invoices for customers regularly, simplifying the billing process and ensuring consistent payment for products or services rendered.

By leveraging Softbase CRM, aggregate equipment dealers can enhance customer relationship management, streamline sales and rental processes, and optimize revenue generation while maintaining operational efficiency.

Managing a large volume of sales leads, inquiries, and orders can be overwhelming for large dealerships. Aggregate Equipment Dealer Management Software should be able to provide centralized customer databases and manage rental contracts for multiple business locations all from one platform.

Softbase As an Aggregate Equipment Dealer Management Software

In short, although Softbase isn’t marketed as an Aggregate Equipment Dealer Management Software, its adaptable features make it a valuable asset for them. Whether it’s tracking inventory or handling rental contracts, Softbase provides the flexibility and tools needed to streamline operations and achieve success in management tasks.

Are you an aggregate dealer interested in Softbase? We’re happy to give you a FREE demo of the system at your convenience. Send us a message!