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Our Forklift Dealer Software includes maintenance modules and technician scheduling, enhancing after-sales support. Read blog.

So, another forklift sold at your dealership—congratulations! But let’s face it, the work doesn’t end there. Now, it’s all about supporting your customer and their new forklift for as long as they need it. That’s called after sale support. 

After-sale support isn’t just a courtesy—it’s a commitment. It’s the ongoing assistance and care your dealership provides long after the sale or rental is finalized. This includes regular check-ins, maintenance services, parts supply, and swift repairs and more.

But why is this level of support crucial? Well, let’s look into what customers really expect from a dealership and the significant impact it can have on your reputation. At Softbase, we’re all about enabling dealers with top-notch after-sales service. Explore our preventative maintenance modules and streamlined technician scheduling to see how our Forklift Dealer Software boosts your after-sales support.

The Crucial Role of After-Sales Support

Understanding Customer Expectations

Gone are the days when customers simply made a purchase and resigned themselves to any subsequent challenges. In the past, individuals might have endured issues with their equipment or attempted DIY fixes without much hope for external support. 

Nowadays, customers place significant reliance on dealerships to not only provide quality equipment but also to offer comprehensive post-purchase service and support. It’s no longer a mere expectation—it’s a standard. When a customer invests in a forklift from a dealership, they rightly anticipate a level of ongoing care and assistance.

Impact on Brand Reputation

Here’s the deal, it’s not just about being nice to customers until they fork (forklift pun) over their cash. It’s about delivering consistent assistance long after the transaction is done.

Imagine this scenario – “Thanks for your money. Now see ya” Ouch, right? That’s exactly the attitude you want to avoid. Word travels fast, and if your customers feel like they’ve been left high and dry post-purchase, your reputation takes a hit. 

Instead, picture being the dealership that customers rave about. You want to be the first name that pops into their heads when they think of exceptional after-sales service. You want them singing your praises, spreading the word, and drawing others to your doorstep.

How does Softbase Evolution help you to be that dealer?

Forklift Dealer Software - Softbase's Approach to After-Sales Support

Softbase Evolution, developed by Softbase Systems, stands as a premier dealership management system. This cloud-based platform marks the evolution from the company’s original DMS, established in 1989. With over 30 years of dedicated service to dealers in industries spanning forklifts, heavy construction, trailers, and agricultural equipment, Softbase has crafted an end-to-end solution to empower every aspect of dealership operations.

Confidently, practically all features of Softbase Evolution are tailored to managing after-sales support. Let’s explore the key ones.

Auto Technician Scheduling

Calendar view displaying technician scheduling

Our Softbase Service App is a mobile-based software designed to simplify dealership technicians field operations. It handles everything from scheduling and dispatching to tracking and monitoring work orders, service requests, inventory management, and labor tracking.

When it comes to maintenance or repairs, our system takes the lead by automatically assigning jobs to field teams based on their location, skill set, availability, and workload. This ensures that the right person is sent to the right job at the right time. What’s even better? Customers don’t even need to be informed beforehand. Technicians can seamlessly show up for planned maintenance, demonstrating proactive service that puts customer needs first.

Selling Repair Parts

Even though we don’t want this to happen, after a sale unexpected issues can arise, and customers may find themselves in need of replacement parts. That’s where our Parts Inventory Module comes into play—it’s more than just a tool for technicians to manage parts for their work orders.

With our Parts Inventory Module, forklift dealerships have the flexibility to not only track and manage parts for internal use but also to sell parts directly to customers. This means that when a customer requires a new part, dealerships can swiftly fulfill their needs without any unnecessary delays.

But that’s not all. Our module also offers advanced parts pricing capabilities, allowing dealers to implement different pricing strategies to maximize revenue. By catering to customers at various price points while still generating revenue across multiple tiers, dealerships can effectively attract a diverse range of customers while optimizing their profitability.

Equipment Repair History

Say for example, a customer reaches out to your dealership with an urgent issue concerning their recently purchased forklift. They’ve noticed a persistent mechanical glitch that seems to resurface despite previous attempts to address it. In such a scenario, having access to the equipment repair history becomes invaluable.

Equipment history section detailing repair records.

With Softbase’s Equipment Repair History Module, technicians can easily track and review all past repairs and maintenance performed on the customer’s forklift. This comprehensive insight allows technicians to identify recurring issues, track the effectiveness of previous solutions, and ultimately expedite the resolution process. By leveraging this historical data, a dealership not only demonstrates a proactive approach to after-sale service but also ensures a smoother, more satisfying experience for the customer.

Point of Sale (PoS)

With our PoS program, dealers can easily sell parts, labor, rental contracts, planned maintenance services, equipment, and other items without the hassle of switching between multiple systems. This centralized approach saves time and minimizes complexity for dealership staff.

Snapshot of parts-specific POS screen; other screens available for different product categories.

One standout feature of our PoS program is its efficient email invoicing functionality. This feature automates the invoicing process, allowing businesses to generate and send invoices electronically. Not only does this save on the costs associated with traditional paper invoicing, but it also enhances convenience for both dealerships and their customers. Customers can securely view and pay their bills online, improving overall efficiency and accuracy.

Future Innovations in Forklift Dealer Software for After-Sales Support

What’s on the horizon for the future of after-sales support in dealerships? Could it be more AI-driven customer service? Whatever lies ahead, Softbase remains committed to empowering dealerships with top-notch after-sales service. That’s why we continuously invest in research and development, eagerly incorporating customer feedback. After all, after-sales support has become a standard practice, playing a crucial role in shaping a dealership’s reputation.

So request a free demo of Softbase Evolution and Softbase Mobile App to see how your dealership can leverage forklift dealer software for exceptional after-sales support.