Accounting Management Software for Dealerships

Explore the accounting management software in our DMS – simplifying financial management for your dealership. Effortlessly handle transactions and gain clear insights.

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Accounting Management. Evolved.

Every dealership wants to know its financial health. Softbase Evolution’s intuitive accounting system puts everything into perspective by helping you manage your dealership’s financial transactions, including recording and categorizing expenses, creating and sending invoices, and reconciling bank statements.

Whether it’s tracking inventory, managing payroll, or analyzing financial reports, Softbase Evolution’s accounting system can be configured to meet the unique needs of each dealership.

Stay on top of your operations by inspecting your financial performance without the paperwork.

Business decision making based on data


Get a quick snapshot of your dealership’s financial status using tools like a balance sheet and income statement.


Sales Tax

Create, view, and maintain all customer details including terms, sales tax, and PO.

General Ledger

Save yourself the headache with a master accounting document. View your dealership’s transaction history and easily update journal entries, including the taxes and bonuses.


Fixed Asset Depreciation

Automatically calculate how much of a fixed asset’s value, such as equipment or vehicles, has depreciated.

Finance and accounting analysis
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Accounts Payable

Never underpay or overpay. Know what you owe your vendors, including the total summary, invoice details, and history.


Accounts Receivable

Collect what’s yours. Keep track of what your dealership will receive from the customers.

Benefits of Our Accounting Management Software

Minimized Risk

Reduce the risk of errors in financial records improving the accuracy of reports.


Generate reports more easily, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions about the dealership.

Accounting Records Filing

Centralize all financial inquiries, including invoices, deposits, payments, statements, and journal entries.


Save time on tasks such as invoicing and payment processing. 

Charts and graphs over a accounting management screen mockup

The Best Dealership Management Software for Accountants and Financial Officers

No need to go it alone when it comes to crunching numbers. Softbase is here to help. Our software provides increased efficiency, accuracy, and organization to your team. With automated fields, you can spend less time on manual calculations and more time analyzing financial data for top-level management.


Scale Operations With Total Control

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Our team understands that operating a dealership is already challenging enough. So Softbase Evolution was developed to be THE solution that is easy to use, connects all processes, and plays a significant role in your dealership’s success.

Nurture lasting connections with our Customer Relationship Management solution, enhancing engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Drive informed decisions and maximize performance with our Reporting and Analytics System for Dealerships.

Maximize inventory and operational efficiency with our Equipment Rental Management Software for dealerships, tailored to dealership needs.

Enhance service efficiency with our Mobile Field Service Management Software for dealerships, empowering on-the-go operations.

Enhance service efficiency with our Mobile Field Service Management Software for dealerships, empowering on-the-go operations.

Boost sales effectiveness with our Sales Management Software for dealerships, optimizing processes for increased profitability.

Optimize equipment rental operations with our comprehensive Equipment Rental Management Software, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Efficiently manage vendor relationships with our Vendor Management System for Dealerships, ensuring smooth procurement processes.

Simplify transactions with our Point of Sale feature. Process payments, track inventory, and generate receipts—all in a single interface optimized for dealerships.

Our Leadership

The ease of use is really critical. I can take a new employee who moves from the shipping receiving and I can turn him into a counterpart salesman and he can be up and running in two days.”

Joe Proehl

CFO | Craftsmen Utility Trailer

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