Sales Management Software for Dealerships

Our Sales Management Software page is tailored for dealerships and designed to enhance sales processes. This software provides robust tools for managing leads, tracking performance, and fostering growth.

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Sales Management Software. Evolved.

Softbase Evolution provides tools for managing and sharing sales content, automating sales processes, and analyzing sales data. Sales managers can ensure that their team has the resources and support they need to close deals and drive revenue.

Additionally, the platform’s analytics capabilities can help managers identify trends and areas for improvement, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their sales strategy.

Benefits Of Our Sales Management Software

Better Collaboration

Help your sales, marketing, and customer service teams work together more effectively with a single system for sharing customer data and insights.

Improved Customer Experience

Get more personalized and responsive customer experience with a 360-degree view of your customers’ interactions and preferences.

Assess Team Performance

Identify strengths and weaknesses within your team and provide targeted training and support to help your sales staff reach their full potential.

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The Best Dealership Management Software for Sales Managers and Executives

As the lead for the sales department, it is your responsibility to ensure that sales representatives understand your customers and prospects well enough to develop rigorous sales plans, meet quotas, and maintain customer satisfaction.

Softbase Evolution can become an extension of your team by providing assistance with all of that. With its robust CRM and sales management modules, Softbase Evolution centralizes customer data so that you can close more sales.


Scale Operations With Total Control

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Our team understands that operating a dealership is already challenging enough. So Softbase Evolution was developed to be THE solution that is easy to use, connects all processes, and plays a significant role in your dealership’s success.

Optimize financial tasks with our Accounting Management Software for Dealerships, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance.

Nurture lasting connections with our Customer Relationship Management solution, enhancing engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Drive informed decisions and maximize performance with our Reporting and Analytics System for Dealerships.

Maximize inventory and operational efficiency with our Equipment Rental Management Software for dealerships, tailored to dealership needs.

Enhance service efficiency with our Mobile Field Service Management Software for dealerships, empowering on-the-go operations.

Enhance service efficiency with our Mobile Field Service Management Software for dealerships, empowering on-the-go operations.

Optimize equipment rental operations with our comprehensive Equipment Rental Management Software, ensuring efficiency and profitability.

Efficiently manage vendor relationships with our Vendor Management System for Dealerships, ensuring smooth procurement processes.

Simplify transactions with our Point of Sale feature. Process payments, track inventory, and generate receipts—all in a single interface optimized for dealerships.

Our Leadership

It was so refreshing to be on a system that was that simple intuitive and user-friendly. It’s so it’s easy to train various users to do things. Gives us clean data and helps us minimize difficulties with our customers.”

Jim Flowers

General Manager | Toyota Lift of Houston

See Softbase Evolution in Action

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